Monday, October 6, 2014

Make money grocery shopping: the 5 apps you must have.

After you’ve stacked your coupons, matched against the week’s sales, and why not make money grocery shopping afterwards? That’s the benefit that these cash back apps for groceries can offer you, if you know how to wisely match your grocery list against the offers in the app and then upload your receipt to it. The next thing you know, you’ll have some extra cash in your PayPal account, or a few gift cards if you prefer for future purchases or savings. In this today post, I will review the top five cash back apps for groceries!


Ibotta pays you real cash for buying your favorite products at over 40 stores like Target, Walmart, Kroger, CVS Pharmacy, Safeway and more. It's fun and easy! Ibotta offers cash for shopping at many popular stores. Once you’ve purchased the product you take a picture of the receipt to earn the reward. Ibotta allows you to earn up to $40 cash per shopping trip. Cash out terms: Options vary from PayPal and Venmo with a $5 minimum and $10 Starbucks, Regal or iTunes gift cards. You can get the app now available on iTunes and Google play: Ibotta.

Checkout 51: Checkout 51 is a new site that offers cash back when you purchase select grocery items. Users can browse through the current offers, which update every Thursday morning, and choose the ones they like. Once you purchase the item in the offer, simply upload your receipt and get cash back! Check51 is available for both Apple and Android devices. Cash out terms: You are able to request a check when your account balance reaches $20. You can get the app now available on iTunes and Google play: Checkout 51.

Receipt Hog:
Receipt Hog is a mobile app that rewards users for snapping pictures of their grocery receipts. For each receipt you upload a photo of, you’ll earn coins which can be redeemed for cash! If you’re wondering why in the world anyone would pay for your grocery store receipts, it’s actually pretty simple. Receipt Hog is a market research company that works with consumer goods brands. The data that they collect from the receipts (and any surveys they give you) is summarized in market research reports for the brands who purchase this information. 
Simply snap a photo of your qualifying grocery store receipt, and you’ll be rewarded coins. The app has different levels — the more receipts you upload, the higher the level you’ll achieve. You’ll start at the first level, Runt, which allows you to earn 10 coins per receipt. After you’ve uploaded your first 10 receipts, you’ll level up to Piglet, which rewards 15 coins per receipt. The levels go all the way up to, yep, you guessed it — Hog!
Once you get to Hog you’ll earn a whopping 25 coins per receipt! One of the perks of Receipt Hog is that it doesn’t matter what items you purchase, so there’s no scanning barcodes or making sure you buy a particular brand. Just snap your receipt, and you’re done! At select times, you may also be asked to complete a short survey, which will earn you additional coins. 
Cash out terms: 1000 coins for $5.00 (paid via Paypal), but if you decide to save your coins you’ll get an even better value. Currently, 1800 coins can be redeemed for $10.00, 3200 coins for $20.00 and 4500 coins is worth $30. You can get the app now available on iTunes and Google play: Receipt Hog.

Walmart Savings Catcher:
Walmart Savings Catcher itself, is incredibly easy to use. Just shop at Walmart and keep your receipt. Then, using Walmart’s smartphone app, you can either take a picture of the barcode or type in the receipt number. You can even use Walmart’s website if you don’t have a smartphone.

After you have scanned in the receipt, Walmart has a list of all the products you purchased, and it searches for those products at other area stores to see if any of them are cheaper somewhere else. This searches for 3 days, then if it finds any lower prices it tells you that you have a credit available.
Cash out terms: You can then cash your credit any for a Walmart eGift card which are delivered to your provided email. You can get the Walmart app now available on iTunes and Google play.
Snap by Groupon: Building off of the recent acquisition of a company called SnapSaves, Groupon has unveiled an app in the U.S. called Snap, that gives shoppers cash back when they purchase certain grocery products in stores. All you have to do is  take a photo of the receipt as proof of purchase of specific advertised goods, such as a specific brand of pasta or bread.
Cash out terms: You can request a check when you're confirmed balanced hits $20. You can get the app now available on iTunes and Google play:  Snap.
Don't leave money on the table and get cash for purchases you already made! Remember, you've earned It!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dress Like Kanye West: Men's Fashion for Women.

After jumping online to browse H&M's site for what was seemingly the one hundredth time to check on the status of one sold out blazer, I experienced what I like to refer to as fashion déjà vuThe site had just listed a kimono jacket eerily similar to Kanye's Balmain from Paris Fashion Week. I thought, what if I recreated Kanye's look for women? 

Untitled #37

Saturday, September 6, 2014

SOBO Skincare Review

I have had the pleasure of getting a free sample of SOBO Skincare's Ultra Youth Serum for this sponsored posted, and wanted to share a little!

What It Does: The serum works by penetrating deeply into the structure of skin to promote optimal epidermal cell regeneration. In addition, it boosts your skin's essential immune functions while keeping it smooth and fully hydrated.

 I can say from trying it first hand the clear skin serum is light to apply, and tightens the skin in minutes. I also noticed something major - no fragrance! Overall, I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who who's looking for a dye-free, fragrance-free skincare product.

Plus, what I love most is that SOBO's products are one of the few skincare products that are not tested on animals!

Thanks to SOBO and their team all my readers will get 25% off your entire purchase when use the discount code 'TRYSOBO' at SOBOSKINCARE.COM.

The discount code does not expire and applies to entire first purchase. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!